Lower Your Parking Lighting Operating Costs with Linmore LED

Best Parking Lighting Solutions

Installing high quality LED lighting in parking garages, drastically reduces energy costs, maintenance expenses, and improves the parking experience, increasing customer satisfaction and saving money that you can reinvest in your facility. Who doesn’t want that?

Improve Visibility

Good parking lighting allows drivers to see obstacles and pedestrians clearly while driving and pedestrians see oncoming cars from a safe distance, identify their car among others and see faces with clarity.

Increase Security

Lighting determines if a subject can be seen, from what distance, and if it can be identified at all. For security cameras to capture a clear and useful CCTV footage, your lighting system needs to provide uniform and glare-free lighting.

Improve Parking Appearance

Parking garages with good lighting are perceived more attractive to users, while those with bad lighting can be perceived as unsafe and poorly managed.

Outdoor Lighting

Top Performance in Tough Environments

High Efficiency

Most parking garages require artificial lighting 24/7 for safety purposes, this creates an ideal application for our highly efficient LED fixtures, allowing you to maximize energy savings.

Best Thermal Management

Linmore LED fixtures withstand a wider ambient temperature range of operation, and are designed for maximum heat evacuation to perform better than others in hot environments.

Ultra Long Life

Linmore LED fixtures rarely go out or need maintenance, offering higher reliability and superior life than most other LEDs, which means you won’t have fixtures out or to frequently hire someone to change the lights.

Robust Design

Our LED fixtures are engineered to perform in adverse environments and withstand dust, moisture, car emissions, impacts and vibrations; conditions many other fixtures cannot handle.


Choosing a high quality lighting system for parking lots and garages creates a safer and more comfortable environment for people while reducing operating costs.

Exterior LED Lighting

Increase Business Profits

Cut Operating Costs

Our highly efficient LED fixtures can save up to 80% energy compared to traditional fixtures and have a much longer life span than lamps and most LEDs, helping you reduce maintenance costs and time spent replacing lamps, ballasts and drivers.

Maximize Energy Savings

Our LED fixtures with integrated sensors offer the greatest energy savings by adapting the light to parking activity. They detect areas of the parking garage where there is no traffic activity and dim the lights enough to keep sufficient visibility. As soon as presence is detected, lights ramp up instantly for optimal visibility and safety

Improve Parking Experience

Good lighting creates a more inviting and comfortable parking experience to drivers and pedestrians. Light fixtures must distribute light evenly on the pavement with good vertical illumination, low glare and high contrast to have a well-lit parking garage and provide visual comfort to your patrons.

Reach Your Sustainability Goals

Save Energy

Our highly efficient LED fixtures require less energy than traditional light sources and other LED products. Adding control systems with occupancy and ambient light detection optimizes the amount of light for each area.

Minimize Waste

Our long-lasting LED fixtures eliminate the need of managing the disposal and recycling of lamps containing mercury and carton boxes or the electronic waste of short-lived low quality LED products.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Our LED fixtures reduce the overall CO2 footprint of warehouse facilities by lowering the total kW/hr consumption of the facility and reducing transportation emissions from not needing to source and recycle lamps.

Lighting Controls

In most parking garages, some areas are often not in use. Our control systems ensure proper illumination at all times, increasing energy savings and safety.

When activity is detected by the occupancy sensor, light levels go up instantly to meet the required illumination for people working in that area.

After a period of inactivity, the fixture turns off or dims down to a preset level, increasing energy savings and LED life.

The daylight function constantly measures the light coming from other light sources and windows to set the lumen output according to the foot-candle requirements of each area.

Automatic Switching

Daylight Detection

Lighting Schedules

Presence Detection

TCO Warehouse Lighting

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Think twice before buying the cheapest LED lights you find.

They may come at an unexpected price, ending up costing as much as three times your initial investment compared to choosing high quality LED fixtures.

Conventional light sources are expensive to operate while cheap LEDs will not sustain the advertised efficacy, life and light output you expect, forcing you to buy again after a short period of time.