Ace LED Area Light (AA1)

Area Light LED Fixtures

The new Ace LED Area Light (AA1) is a revolution in area lighting fixtures thanks to its modern aesthetics, ease of installation and versatility for contractors, installers, and end users. Integrated switches allow to select four output wattage options and three color temperatures: 3000K/4000K/5000K.

Optics are interchangeable and can be swapped on the field by opening two latches (no tools needed), while keeping its IP65 rating. Another pair of latches provides tool-less access to LED driver compartment for simple replacement if needed.

It comes with a Z10 receptacle providing the option to add motion sensors, photocells and UltraLink Bluetooth controllers to the fixture any time after installation with the Zhaga Z10 Twist and Lock system.

Applications: Automotive Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Parking Garage Lighting, Sports Lighting.

Selectable Wattage and CCT

Integrated switches in the fixture allow to select four output wattage options and three color temperatures: 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K.

Easy Swap Lenses

Open two latches to change the optic lens in seconds without tools while keeping the IP65 rating. Available optics: T2, T3, T4, and T5.

Plug & Play Controls

Unscrew the receptacle cap and twist any Z10 Plug & Play accessory into the socket: Photocells, Sensors, or UltraLink Bluetooth® wireless controls.


Size Selectable Watts Selectable CCT Lumen Output Efficacy Part Number
MD 75 3000K 10,500  140 AA10S-A2-ADJ-MD-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
MD 75 4000K 11,250 150 AA10S-A2-ADJ-MD-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
MD 75 5000K 10,875 145 AA10S-A2-ADJ-MD-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
MD 100 3000K 14,000  140 AA10S-A2-ADJ-MD-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
MD 100 4000K 15,000 150 AA10S-A2-ADJ-MD-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
MD 100 5000K 14,500 145 AA10S-A2-ADJ-MD-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
MD 120 3000K 16,800 140 AA10S-A2-ADJ-MD-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
MD 120 4000K 18,000 150 AA10S-A2-ADJ-MD-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
MD 120 5000K 17,400 145 AA10S-A2-ADJ-MD-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
MD 150 3000K 21,000 140 AA10S-A2-ADJ-MD-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
MD 150 4000K 22,500 150 AA10S-A2-ADJ-MD-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
MD 150 5000K 21,750 145 AA10S-A2-ADJ-MD-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
LG 175 3000K 24,500 140 AA10S-A2-ADJ-LG-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
LG 175 4000K 26,250 150 AA10S-A2-ADJ-LG-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
LG 175 5000K 25,375 145 AA10S-A2-ADJ-LG-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
LG 200 3000K 28,000 140 AA10S-A2-ADJ-LG-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
LG 200 4000K 30,000 150 AA10S-A2-ADJ-LG-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
LG 200 5000K 29,000 145 AA10S-A2-ADJ-LG-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
LG 240 3000K 33,600 140 AA10S-A2-ADJ-LG-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
LG 240 4000K 36,000 150 AA10S-A2-ADJ-LG-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
LG 240 5000K 34,800 145 AA10S-A2-ADJ-LG-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
LG 300 3000K 42,000 140 AA10S-A2-ADJ-LG-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
LG 300 4000K 45,000 150 AA10S-A2-ADJ-LG-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V
LG 300 5000K 43,500 145 AA10S-A2-ADJ-LG-ADJ-80-T3-LV-BRN-BB-Z10R-CW-SRG-10V

Technical Specs

  • Housing: Aluminum die-cast, compact low profile design.
  • Housing Color: Bronze (RAL 8019).
  • Wireway Cover: Aluminum die-cast.
  • Heat Sink: Cast aluminum.
  • Latches: Tool-less access to driver and lens compartments.
  • Receptacle: Zhaga Z10 Receptacle Socket for Plug & Play sensors.
  • Power Input: 120-277V or 277-480V (50/60Hz) typical, depending on model.
  • Power Factor: Greater than 0.9.
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 20%.
  • Surge Protection: 10kV standard.
  • Environment: Wet location for exterior applications. IP65 rated.
  • Ambient Range Operation: -40°C up to 50°C
    (-22°F up to 122°F).
  • CCT: Selectable via switch 3000K, 4000K, 5000K.
  • CRI: 80+ standard.
  • Lens: UV stable clear polycarbonate. Replaceable on the field by opening two clasps, no tools needed.
  • Mounting: The fixture comes with the bracket base attached to it. Slip Fitter, Straight Arm, and Trunnion (Yoke) brackets are field installed (see Accessories). 
  • Dimming: 0-10V standard. Dimming range 100% to Off.
  • Photocell: Z10 Plug & Play field installed photocell sensor, On/Off based on ambient light.
  • Occupancy Sensors: Z10 Plug & Play field installed PIR and Microwave occupancy sensors, On/Off/Dim.
  • UltraLink Bluetooth® Controls: Z10 Plug & Play field installed wireless advanced controls available.
  • Standard: 5-year product warranty. 
  • cUL.
  • UL 1598.
  • RoHS compliant.
  • IP65 and IK08 rated.
  • DesignLights™ Consortium Premium (PENDING).

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