Making spaces feel safer with high quality outdoor lighting

Best Flood and Area Lighting

High quality LED lighting improves visibility and safety, creating more enjoyable outdoor experiences.

Better Visibility

Increased Safety

Save Energy & Lower Maintenance

Outdoor Lighting

Our outdoor lighting solutions improve aesthetics and visibility while increasing energy savings and reducing maintenance.

Outdoor Lighting

Reach Your Sustainability Goals

Save Energy

Our highly efficient LED fixtures require less energy than traditional light sources and other LED products. Adding control systems with occupancy detection optimizes the amount of light for each area.

Minimize Waste

Our long-lasting LED fixtures eliminate the need of managing the disposal and recycling of lamps containing mercury and carton boxes or the electronic waste of short-lived low quality LED products.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Our LED fixtures reduce the overall CO2 footprint by lowering the total kW/hr consumption and reducing transportation emissions from not needing to source and recycle lamps.