LED Drivers

The Advantage of Linmore LED Drivers

We have pioneered the biggest game changer in the LED industry… our customers tell us so.

Optimized Performance

Our LED drivers are designed with an exclusive electronic architecture optimized to the LED layout of our fixtures.

Higher Reliability

Off-the-shelf LED drivers have common internal failure points. By building our own LED drivers, we mitigate failures by using better components and designs.

10 Year Warranty

Linmore LED drivers come with a 10 year warranty for added peace of mind.

There are two wear items in LED fixtures that facilities have to maintain: LEDs and the LED drivers. The only way to control LED product quality, is to design your own LED light engines and drivers. Linmore LED does that.

98% of LED fixture manufacturers buy an off-the-shelf driver. These drivers are built for price point, not quality or longevity. Cheap LED drivers equate to more maintenance expense and hassles. Buyer beware.