Controls provide opportunity to realize additional savings from LED lighting. Controls are available to be installed on lighting, by wireless communications, and by networked wireless communications. Systems with Gateways further enable value by connecting to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Linmore LED takes an agnostic approach to Controls and works with many manufacturers, typically at the direction of our customers. If a Controls system is not already selected, we can provide information on a range of options to aid in finding the best solution for your facility.
Our drivers are 0-10V Dimmable and have a 12 Volt DC Output that can be a cost advantage to power many company’s Controls hardware.
The inputs or control options include:


    • Motion/Occupancy
    • Time and Date
    • Daylight Harvesting
    • Smart Phone/Tablet
    • Zone Control
    • Photo Cell

Here is an overview of some of our Controls partners that we are aligned with:


qualified Bluetooth® mesh networked wireless Controls

  • Energy Metering
  • Heat Mapping by Occupancy
  • Heat Mapping by Energy
  • Scheduling
  • Scenes
  • Occupancy sensing
  • Lighting zones / grouping
  • High-end and low-end trim
  • Manual control
  • Timer switch control
  • Vacancy sensing
  • Per zone daylight control
  • Per fixture daylight control
  • Zone linking
  • On power up behavior

User Interface:
  • iOS Smart Phone
  • iOS Tablet
  • PC
  • Lower operating costs
  • Enhanced well-being of employees
  • Significantly reduced energy consumption
  • Flexible lighting supporting various learning activities
  • Increased comfort of students and academics
  • Definable lighting scenes for specific teaching purposes
  • Increased safety of workers and goods
  • New possibilities for optimizing workflow
  • Facilitated compliance with energy codes
  • Improved visibility
  • Increased safety of pedestrians and assets
  • Reduced maintenance costs
System Hardware:
  • Wireless Fixture Controller in each Fixture
  • Occupancy Sensors control fixtures by Zones
  • Daylight Sensor controls light level offset by daylight
  • Gateways (optional) provide system access when not onsite
  • Energy Meter measures energy consumption of a sample or all fixtures
  • Wireless Switches for controlling lighting by zones
How the System Works:
Qualified Bluetooth® mesh is a global wireless networking standard which expands the capabilities of the Bluetooth® radio communication by introducing a new type of network topology.

Enabling many-to-many device connectivity, qualified Bluetooth® mesh is optimized for creating large-scale networks consisting of thousands of devices.

Myths of qualified Bluetooth® mesh:
  • MYTH #1: Bluetooth is for personal / home use
    Not true: Bluetooth mesh is not “your father’s Bluetooth”. It has been designed with commercial / industrial use cases in mind. Bluetooth mesh is more secure and scales better than competing technologies.
  • MYTH #2: Delays and popcorning are inherent to wireless
    Not true for Bluetooth mesh: The architecture of Bluetooth mesh addresses precisely these wireless challenges. Works as well as wired!
  • MYTH #3: Bluetooth does not define dimming curves
    Not true: Bluetooth defines both linear and perceptual (logarithmic) dimming curves as well as precise device behaviors WRT the dimming curves. Tests for the curves and their behaviors are covered by the Bluetooth Mesh Test Suite and are part of the Qualification program.
  • MYTH #4: Bluetooth is easy to hack
    Not true: security is at the heart of the design of Bluetooth mesh networking and its use is mandatory. It uses the most advanced encryption standard and device authentication preventing third parties from trying to break into smart lighting infrastructures.
  • MYTH #5: Bluetooth has a really short range
    Not true: Range depends on surroundings, radio performance and antennas. While the radio performance and antennas are pretty static for a given Bluetooth device, the surroundings can vary a lot. Outdoors, in an open field, you can get a range of up to a hundred meters. Indoors, in normal condition it’s about 30m. Bluetooth, thanks to its mesh topology, is able to cover big networks.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Linmore LED Labs, Inc. is under license. Other trademarks and tradenames are those of their respective owners.


  • Gateway-free, Distributed Control: Gain optimal energy savings without a complicated gateway: no single point of failure, no extra cost/hassle, and no special network or panel installation.
  • Flexible Control Strategies: Mix scheduled and sensor-based controls with no gateway required.
  • Hassle-free Mobile App Programming: Intuitive tools enable rapid setup and changes to any combination of sensors, zones, schedules, and scenes.
  • IT-friendly Policy: Run stand-alone or use a cell modem to avoid corporate network integration.
  • Control the Whole Property: Combine indoor and outdoor lighting control in one easy to use solution.
  • Color-capable Controls: Use battery-powered wall stations or the mobile app to wirelessly control CCT and Lumenetix-enabled (HSL) luminaires, including circadian transitions and unique color picking.
  • Optional Cloud Connectivity: Manage user access control, device configurations, remote diagnostics, and future reporting/upgrades with a robust, utility-grade platform and web application.

Avi-on makes controls that are easy to install, use and change. We take simplicity seriously without limiting the ability to customize for any configuration or lighting need.
System Hardware:
  • Fixture Adapters
  • Relay Adapters
  • Internal Fixture Adapter
  • External Power Pack
  • Plug Load Controller
  • Power Supply (12VDC)
  • Power Supply (12VDC with relay)
  • Power Supply (class 2)
  • PIR Sensors

  • Microwave Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Dual-tech Sensors
  • Wall Stations
  • Sensor Wall Stations
  • Movable Switch
  • SIM (sensor input module)
  • Time Keeper
  • Wi-Fi Bridge (remote access bridge)
  • Energy Monitoring
Facility/Operational Benefits:
  • Most networked lighting controls are too complicated to manage and configure. Building owners/operators want solutions that optimize ROI, can be self-managed, do not require IT support, and grow with business needs. Most of all, people want a solution that just works.
  • Manufacturing facility lighting systems require safety, energy savings, compliance with building codes and minimal maintenance. Upgrading to Avi-on light controls ensure critical illumination in manufacturing and inspection areas where light quality and control are essential to ensure minimal shade and precise color in the work environment. Not only do Avi-on controls provide the highest of quality, but the simplicity of the Bluetooth™ system significantly reduces installation and commissioning effort and requires no special training. Intuitive tools allow for rapid configuration and updates making maintenance simple without limiting features.
How the System Works:
Avi-on believes that lighting controls should be simple. With decades of experience at the forefront of industrial networking and IOT technology, we built a unique, patented Mesh platform based on Bluetooth® technology. We liberated the fixture from the circuit, and the switches from the walls. Then we added mobile and web-based management tools that liberated the customer from the tyranny of programming and maintenance. At Avi-on, simple means easy.

Why Avion? Easy to Use, Easy to Change, Easy to Maintain
  • Avi-on
  • Online Product Resources



    Wireless LED Controls, without batteries. The inputs or control options include:

    • Completely Wireless devices
    • Wireless set up and parameter adjustment
    • Occupancy timers with nearly infinite setting possibilities
    • Daylighting
    • Demand Response capable
    • Can be cloud connected
    • Can be connected to BACnet or other automation systems
    • Connect to a fixture mounted wired sensor and make it wireless.
    • Dim to off or relay controls
    • 902 MHz to avoid interference with other wireless equipment.
    • Cost Effective

    User Interface navigan 3.0
    • Drag and drop simple commissioning software.

    Facility/Operational Benefits:
    • Simple installation, can be factory installed.
    • No Batteries used in the switches or vacancy sensors
    • All controls include dimming or on/off
    • Very fast setup on site or in the factory.
    • Drag and drop simple commissioning software.

    System Hardware:
    • LEDxU: controls nearly every 0-10V fixture
    • EOSxU: self powered vacancy sensor, no batteries required. (wall and/or ceiling)
    • ExRPU: Self-powered wireless wall dimmer/switches. No batteries or wires required.
    • ELLSU: a light level sensor which uses the sunlight as its power source.

    How the System Works:

    Self-powered sensors and switches, combined with LED fixture controllers and a commissioning tool, permit easy configuration, intelligent local control, and seamless integration into building automation systems.
    The Easyfit line is perfect for retrofits as you can do the entire installation without disrupting above the ceiling plane. And wireless sensors and switches allow you to drop the peripherals into the most ideal locations.
    Wireless commissioning makes the entire system easy to setup and configure from a laptop, no need to figure out dip switches or channels. Setup software was built from the perspective of the installer.

    Why Enocean?

    EnOcean is the world leader in energy harvesting devices and has applied that technology around the world. Founded in 2001, we have the experience and history to offer a trusted solution. With over 10 million devices in over 1 million buildings EnOcean likely has a system which can help solve everything from your most simple to the most complicated control scenarios.


    Controls provide opportunity to realize additional savings from LED lighting. Controls are available to be installed on lighting, by wireless communications, and by networked wireless communications. Systems with Gateways further enable value by connecting to the Internet of Things (IoT). The inputs or control options include:

    • Works both indoors and Outdoors – No need for separate control systems.
    • Easy customization – Quickly set up energy-saving behaviors and comply with energy conservation requirements, including demand response and daylight harvesting.
    • Multiple methods of control – Flexible deployment models allow both stand-alone local access and cloud-based remote control
    • Scalable solution – Integrate seamlessly into existing BMS systems and support large deployments with cloud-based architecture.
    • Robust wireless mesh technology – It continually monitors the wireless network and generates alerts on any issues found.

    User Interface Local- SimplySNAP Lighting
    • Access SimplySNAP through local wired or wireless connection
    • Functions with or without active internet connection
    • Built-in browser based interface included with Site Controller Gateways

    Remote – SimplySNAP Remote Access (SSRA)
    • Browser based interface to secure online portal for remote management
    • Select, Configure, and Control multiple sites
    • Access and view multiple lighting system with a single sign-on

    Cloud – SimplySNAP Illuminate
    • Centralized browser interface
    • Manage thousands of lights, sensors, and other IoT devices
    • Aggregate multiple gateways into a single management interface
    • Add additional features with cloud apps
    Facility/Operational Benefits:
    • Automatic over-the-air upgrades – Futureproof your investment, keeping it updated with the latest features.
    • No special server required – Forget expensive, complex hardware.
    • Streamline commissioning – With project management services and built-in tools within the software, have the customer’s lighting network up and running quickly.

    • System Hardware:
        Wireless Light Controllers
      • Embedded – (Dim10-087-06, DIM10-087-06-A, DIM10-087-FW)
      • Twist-Lock – (TL7-B2)
      • Bolt-on – (DIM10-250-11)
      • Site Control Gateways – (SS450-002 for Indoor only)
      • Site Controller Gateway – (CBSSW-450-002 Central Base Station for Indoor and Outdoor)
      • BMS Gateway – (BMS-GW-002)

    How the System Works:

    The Synapse wireless light controllers connect to the LED drivers of the light fixtures. The light controllers may be integrated/embedded inside the fixture or external depending on the application and system design. The wireless controllers automatically connect to other nearby Synapse controllers form a mesh network. A Site Controller Gateway discovers the wireless controllers and the wireless lighting control system is managed through a built in browser interface. The mesh network and the site controller communicate over a 802.15.4 Mesh, 2.4 Ghz.
    Larger systems with multiple Site Controller Gateways can centrally manage the entire system through one user interface using the SimplySNAP Illuminate cloud based solution. If a BMS exist at a customer site, the customers can control the Synapse Site Controller Gateway by using a BMS Gateway to send commands from the BMS system to the lighting system.
    For customers with needs outside of lighting control, we offer additional capabilities through industrial sensors and cloud applications. Together these solutions help companies better understand their Power, Air, HVAC, and other systems to reduce waste and optimize operations.
    Why Synapse?


    Enlighted’s Advanced Wireless Lighting Controls
    The Enlighted IoT platform includes the most advanced wireless lighting control capabilities in the world. The system consists of a wireless network of our patented sensors installed into or adjacent to the light fixtures and connected to an advanced analytics platform.
    The sensors control lighting based on customized profiles, then capture and respond to data indicating changes in occupancy and ambient light levels. They maintain programmed behavior even if outages affect network health.
    Enlighted sensors provide out-of-the-box compliance with energy use regulations. The sensors’ capacity for vacancy detection, daylight harvesting, demand response, and energy savings reporting, makes it easy to meet and exceed guidelines.

    Enlighted Sensors
    Enlighted transforms light fixtures into wireless IoT-enabled building intelligence solutions. Measuring ambient light, motion (PIR), energy consumption, and temperature, along with Bluetooth® capabilities and wireless connectivity.
    Enlighted Sensor Technologies

    Partner Enlighted Technologies
    The Enlighted IoT Platform System Architecture

    The Enlighted IoT Platform System Architecture
    Facility/Operational Benefits:
      Energy Savings
    • Task Tuning / High-end Trimming
    • Daylight Harvesting
    • Occupancy / Vacancy Detection
    • Low Energy Bluetooth
    • ADR (Automatic Demand Response)
    • DR (Demand Reduction)
    • Manual Override Controller
    • Occupancy Controlled Receptacles
    • BMS / BAS Integration- BTL Certified
    • Energy Savings Report
    • Non-biased Data! You can’t save what you can’t measure
    • Tunable White/Human Centric

      Comfort and Convenience
    • Smart Digital Occupancy Detection
    • Stability Controlled Daylight Harvesting and Groupings
    • Time-of-Day Dimming Schedule
    • Dim-and-Linger Occupancy Control
    • Follow-Me Lighting Effect
    • Smart Occupancy Reaction
    • Personalized Settings and Control
    • Motion/Regroup Sensors

    • Maintenance Benefits
    • Fixture Outage Reports
    • Wall Switch (ERC) Battery Level Reports