Ace LED Garage (AG1)

Parking Garage LED Fixture

The new Ace LED Garage (AG1) is a cost-effective solution to maximize energy savings in all parking garage and low bay applications.

Made to last, its rugged aluminum die-cast construction ensure great heat dissipation and structural rigidity.

Its ring-shaped lens provides a wide light distribution and some uplight for improved visual comfort.

Its EZ-Connect receptacle provides the option to add motion sensors, photocells and UltraLink Bluetooth controls to the fixture any time after installation with a Twist and Lock System.

Applications: Commercial Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Parking Garage Lighting.

Selectable Wattage and CCT

Integrated switches in the fixture allow to select three output wattage options and three color temperatures: 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K.

Wet Location Rated (IP65)

Includes a silicone gasket to ensure dust, water, and contaminants do not enter the fixture.

EZ-Connect Receptacle

The simplest and fastest way to add sensors and UltraLink wireless controls at any time in the field. Twist Lock System, no tools or wiring needed.


Size Selectable Watts Selectable CCT Lumen Output Efficacy Part Number
MD 35 3000K 4,200 120 AG10S-A2-ADJ-MD-ADJ-80-CL-LV-FXT-EZ10-10V
MD 35 4000K 4,725 135 AG10S-A2-ADJ-MD-ADJ-80-CL-LV-FXT-EZ10-10V
MD 35 5000K 4,375 125 AG10S-A2-ADJ-MD-ADJ-80-CL-LV-FXT-EZ10-10V
MD 45 3000K 5,400 120 AG10S-A2-ADJ-MD-ADJ-80-CL-LV-FXT-EZ10-10V
MD 45 4000K 6,075 135 AG10S-A2-ADJ-MD-ADJ-80-CL-LV-FXT-EZ10-10V
MD 45 5000K 5,625 125 AG10S-A2-ADJ-MD-ADJ-80-CL-LV-FXT-EZ10-10V
MD 55 3000K 6,600 120 AG10S-A2-ADJ-MD-ADJ-80-CL-LV-FXT-EZ10-10V
MD 55 4000K 7,400 135 AG10S-A2-ADJ-MD-ADJ-80-CL-LV-FXT-EZ10-10V
MD 55 5000K 6,900 125 AG10S-A2-ADJ-MD-ADJ-80-CL-LV-FXT-EZ10-10V
LG 60 3000K 7,800 130 AG10S-A2-ADJ-LG-ADJ-80-CL-LV-FXT-EZ10-10V
LG 60 4000K 8,700 145 AG10S-A2-ADJ-LG-ADJ-80-CL-LV-FXT-EZ10-10V
LG 60 5000K 8,100 135 AG10S-A2-ADJ-LG-ADJ-80-CL-LV-FXT-EZ10-10V
LG 80 3000K 10,400 130 AG10S-A2-ADJ-LG-ADJ-80-CL-LV-FXT-EZ10-10V
LG 80 4000K 11,600 145 AG10S-A2-ADJ-LG-ADJ-80-CL-LV-FXT-EZ10-10V
LG 80 5000K 10,800 135 AG10S-A2-ADJ-LG-ADJ-80-CL-LV-FXT-EZ10-10V
LG 100 3000K 13,000 130 AG10S-A2-ADJ-LG-ADJ-80-CL-LV-FXT-EZ10-10V
LG 100 4000K 14,500 145 AG10S-A2-ADJ-LG-ADJ-80-CL-LV-FXT-EZ10-10V
LG 100 5000K 13,500 135 AG10S-A2-ADJ-LG-ADJ-80-CL-LV-FXT-EZ10-10V
Ace LED Garage (AG1) Fixture

Technical Specs

  • Housing: Aluminum die-cast.
  • Housing Color: Bronze (RAL 8019).
  • Heat Sink: Cast aluminum.
  • EZ-ConnectTM Receptacle: The simplest and fastest way to add sensors and wireless controls at any time on the field. Twist Lock System, no tools or wiring needed.
  • Power Input: 120-277V (50/60Hz) standard.
  • Power Factor: Greater than 0.9.
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 20%.
  • Surge Protection: 2.5kV.
  • Emergency Battery Backup: EMB has 15W output, producing ~2,200 lumens for a minimum of 90 minutes. Sold as an accessory (field installed).
  • Environment: Wet location for exterior applications. IP65 rated.
  • Ambient Range Operation: -40°C up to 45°C (-40°F up to 113°F) without motion sensor. -30°C up to 45°C (-22°F up to 113°F) with motion sensor.
  • CCT: Selectable: 3500K, 4000K, 5000K.
  • CRI: 80+ standard.
  • Lens: Clear ribbed. 150° beam angle.
  • Surface Mounting: Mouting plate (included).
  • Pendant Mounting: Stem 3/4” conduit installation (3/4” tube not included).
  • Dimming: 0-10V standard. Dimming range 100% to Off.
  • Photocell Sensor: On/Off based on ambient light. EZ-Connect Twist Lock system for field installation.
  • Occupancy Sensors: PIR and Microwave occupancy sensors, On/Off/Dim. EZ-Connect Twist Lock System for field installation.
  • Networked Lighting Controls: UltraLink Wireless Controls with Bluetooth® NLC Mesh technology. EZ-Connect Twist Lock System for field installation.
  • 5 Year Warranty: The fixture is guaranteed for 5 years free of defects in materials and workmanship, including LEDs and driver. “Defective” is considered if ten percent (10%) or more of the LEDs, per product, are non‐operating LEDs, or color temperature has shifted more than 500° Kelvin within the warranty period. See terms and conditions at
  • cUL, UL 1598.
  • RoHS compliant.
  • IP65 and IK10 rated.
  • DesignLights™ Consortium Premium.

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