UltraLink PIR Sensor for Ace LED High Bays (AH1)

The ULTRAPIR40-AH1 is a fixture mount Bluetooth NLC controller with PIR sensor suitable for 20’ to 40’ mounting heights.

This Plug & Play sensor installs to Ace LED High Bays’ (AH1) knockout. It can be configured as an occupancy or occupancy and daylight sensor. It uses PIR motion detector architecture and passive infrared (PIR) technology for improved detection coverage in high bay and low bay applications.

It connects to a Bluetooth mesh network and it can be accessed with the UltraLink web portal or iOS app for initial design, setup, and configuration.

UltraLink PIR Sensor for Ace LED High Bays (AH1) - ULTRAPIR40-AH1

Product Information

  • Construction: White polycarbonate.
  • Sensing Technology: Passive infrared (PIR).
  • Connection: 3-pin design, low voltage connector.
  • Input voltage: 12-24 VDC.
  • Current consumption: 50 mA.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F).
  • Max Mounting Height: 40 ft (12.2 m).
  • Max Bluetooth Range: 200’ (61 m) line of sight.

    Range is highly dependent on the integration of fixtures, environment, and conditions. It is recommended to conduct testing for range accuracy.

  • Bluetooth NLC (Networked Lighting Control).
  • Turns lights on automatically when motion is detected and turns lights off automatically after the area is vacated.
  • Programmable settings include time delays and brightness and can be set through the UltraLink iOS app.
  • PIR detection is 360° coverage pattern, best suited for areas with a clear line of sight and good air circulation.
  • Advanced functionality such as energy monitoring, and demand response is available with the optional UltraLink Dashboard.
  • Magnetic reset (touch the top part of the sensor for 5 seconds).
  • Suitable for indoor use only.
  • Technology partner Silvair.
  • FCC
  • UL
  • UL 924
  • DLC
  • Bluetooth Declaration ID: D062134
  • Conforms with DLC NLC5 Cybersecurity Standards
Ace LED High Bay (AH1)