Troffer Door Retrofit (TDR)

This product is no longer available​

Linmore LED Labs Troffer Door Retrofit (TDR) is the ultimate and complete upgrade to troffer lighting. The TDR is both an aesthetic improvement clearly modernizing troffer lighting, and a serious energy play offering ultra-energy savings.

The light engine of the TDR is Linmore’s patented URS Light Bar System combined with a dimmable driver. The amount of light, without glare, and the consistent distribution of light per watt of energy consumed is unmatched by any other troffer retrofit system. When the objective is to slash the energy costs of troffer lighting while upgrading the appearance, the Linmore TDR is the clear choice.

Applications: Automotive Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Office Lighting.

Superior Design

An aesthetic improvement clearly modernizing troffer lighting. Fixture has hinges and latches on both sides.

Quality Optics

Superior lumen output, without glare, plus consistent distribution of light. 180° light distribution.

Multiple Options

Fits most existing T8 & T12 troffers in a 2x2, 2x4 and 1x4 design. Custom sizing available. Suitable for most food processing applications.


Size Lumen Output Efficacy Watts Part Number
2x2 2,495 132 19 LL-TDR-22-50K-18W
2x2 2,899 125 23 LL-TDR-22-50K-22W
2x4 3,219 145 22 LL-TDR-24-50K-22W
2x4 3,733 144 26 LL-TDR-24-50K-26W
2x4 4,950 138 36 LL-TDR-24-50K-36W
2x4 5,778 132 44 LL-TDR-24-50K-44W
1x4 2,574 143 18 LL-TDR-14-50K-18W
1x4 3,085 140 22 LL-TDR-14-50K-22W
1x4 3,574 137 26 LL-TDR-14-50K-26W
1x4 4,041 135 30 LL-TDR-14-50K-30W
1x4 4,670 131 36 LL-TDR-14-50K-36W
1x4 5,500 125 44 LL-TDR-14-50K-44W
Troffer Door Retrofit (TDR)

Technical Specs

  • Aluminum Construction: LED driver enclosure and heat sink extrusions are 6063 T5 aluminum. Interior PCB Board is made of aluminum core and mechanically bonded to the aluminum extrusion heat sink.
  • Air Flow Cavity: Patented Air Flow Cavity allows dissipated heat to leave fixture.
  • Assembled in the USA.
  • Power Input: 120-277V.
  • Power Factor: >0.9 (0.99 typical).
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: <9%.
  • Surge Protection: Standard is 6kV for drivers. Additional surge protection is available. All HV orders will have 10kV SRG automatically added (contact sales for questions).
  • Emergency Backup Driver with Battery (EM8): Emergency Backup Driver with battery, 8 watts output for >90 minutes, installed.
  • Environment: Dry/Damp, for interior applications. Dust-resistant LED modules. Suitable for most food processing applications.
  • Ambient Range Operation: -40°C up to 52°C (-40°F up to 125°F).
  • CCT: 3500K, 4100K and 5000K standard, other CCT available (extended lead time).
  • CRI: >80, 81 typical.
  • Optics: Integral volumetric lens trasmits 91% of lumens. Can be omitted to expose URS Light Bar. 180° light distribution.
  • Dimming: 0-10V standard. Dim to OFF.
  • Sensors: Compatible with muRata and McWong sensors, and Enocean switches.
  • Networked Control Options: Compatible with Avi-On networked controls and UltraLink SIG Bluetooth® with Mesh Networked controls.
  • Standard: 20-year warranty on the light bars. 10-year warranty on the driver.
  • UL 1598.
  • DesignLights™ Consortium (DLC) Premium.
  • RoHS compliant. ​​
  • FCC CFR 47 Part 15B. ​​
  • cUL​​.

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