Essentials Series 4.0 (ES4)

High Bay

The newest generation of the Essentials Series LED High Bay fixtures delivers superior performance, quality and versatility in low bay and high bay applications.

Designed with an even higher efficacy and a best-in-class thermal management for ambient temperatures up to 65°C, the Essentials Series 4.0 provides the highest reliability and best lumen maintenance in the industry while providing the lowest TCO.

Featuring rotatable outer modules to optimize the light distribution and provide the highest flexibility to lighting designers, installers and end-users.

Applications: Automotive Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Convention Center Lighting, Hangar Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Sports Lighting, Warehouse Lighting.

Aluminum Construction

Vertical extruded aluminum heat sinks with ample separation provide maximum heat dissipation and airflow through the fixture.

Rotating Outer Modules

Optimize the light distribution easily on the field to suit your lighting needs. Outer modules can be set to 0°, 45°, 90° and 135°.

Designed for Harsh Environments

Rated up to 65°C, with options available for dust-proof (IP5X), IK08 impact resistance, wet location, up to 20kA surge protection, and wire guards.


Max Ambient Lumen Output Efficacy Watts Part Number
65°C 8,291 165 50 ES40P-A1-08K-2MS
65°C 13,438 167 81 ES40P-A1-13K-4MS
65°C 15,544 165 94 ES40P-A1-15K-4MS
65°C 17,818 164 109 ES40P-A1-17K-4MS
65°C 21,743 168 129 ES40P-A1-21K-6MS
65°C 24,874 167 149 ES40P-A1-24K-6MS
65°C 31,088 167 186 ES40P-A1-31K-4M
65°C 36,044 166 217 ES40P-A1-36K-4M
65°C 43,486 168 258 ES40P-A1-43K-6M
65°C 49,749 167 298 ES40P-A1-49K-6M
65°C 58,933 165 358 ES40P-A1-58K-6M
55°C 6,453 159 41 ES40S-A1-06K-2MS
55°C 9,822 158 62 ES40S-A1-09K-2MS
55°C 12,280 152 81 ES40S-A1-12K-2MS
55°C 17,295 142 122 ES40S-A1-17K-4MS
55°C 20,646 161 128 ES40S-A1-20K-4MS
55°C 23,789 157 151 ES40S-A1-23K-4MS
55°C 30,969 163 190 ES40S-A1-30K-6MS
55°C 35,394 157 227 ES40S-A1-36K-6MS
55°C 43,277 160 271 ES40S-A1-43K-4M
55°C 49,121 156 315 ES40S-A1-49K-4M
55°C 73,681 159 465 ES40S-A1-73K-6M
45°C 6,135 151 41 ES40V-A1-06K-2MS
45°C 13,699 150 92 ES40V-A1-13K-2MS
45°C 15,378 147 105 ES40V-A1-15K-4MS
45°C 27,398 151 181 ES40V-A1-27K-4MS
45°C 41,097 151 271 ES40V-A1-41K-6MS
45°C 54,796 154 356 ES40V-A1-54K-4M
45°C 70,787 157 455 ES40V-A1-70K-6M
Essentials Series 4.0

Technical Specs

  • Heat Sinks: Extruded aluminum heat sinks provide optimal thermal management, decreasing LED junction temperature and ensuring long life and high efficacy. In addition, we attach the LED boards to the heatsink using a high quality thermally conductive adhesive instead of screws. This promotes long life even at high ambient temperatures
  • LED Boards: FR4 PCB is used to limit stress on solder joints by matching coefficient of thermal expansion between the LED and the PCB more closely
  • LEDs: Only high quality LEDs are used to deliver maximum light output and longevity.
  • Power Supply Access: Wireway cover is captured and hinged, opening over 120° for hands-free, easy access and quick wiring. Center hole accepting 3/4” stem and also 1/2” KO near top end of wire way.
  • Wire Guards: Optional factory-installed wire guards for the fixture and OCC occupancy sensors are available.
  • 120-277V or 347-480 (50/60Hz), Typical, depending on model.
  • Power Factor: Greater than 0.9 (0.96–0.99 typical).
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 20%, 10% typical.
  • Surge Protection: Standard is 6kV for drivers. Additional surge protection is available. All HV orders will have 10kV SRG automatically added.
  • Driver Quick Disconnect: A Driver Quick Disconnect feature is available as an additional option.
  • Emergency Battery Backup (EMB and EMB2): EMB initial lumen output is ~2200 lumens, thereafter EMB produces ~2000 lumens for a minimum of 90 minutes. EMB2 Initial lumen output is
    ~3600, thereafter EMB2 produces ~2200 lumens for a minimum of 90 minutes. EMB has 16 watts initial output, EMB2 has 20 watts initial output. Available in LV and HV (EMB only).
  • Environment: Dry/Damp, for interior applications (IP4X).
  • Dust-resistant LED modules, dust-proof (IP5X) option available.
  • Wet Location available. Impact protection (IK08).
  • Ambient Range Operation: -40°C up to 65°C (-40°F up to 149°F), depending on product line.
  • CCT: 3500K, 4000K and 5000K standard, other CCT available (extended lead time).
  • CRI: >80. Other CRI available (extended lead time).
  • Lenses: UV stable polycarbonate clear and aisle or acrylic (PMMA) frosted available.
  • Rotatable LED Modules: Field adjustable rotating modules. Easily adjusted outer modules with stops at 45°, 90° and 135°. Factory set at 0°. Allows for customizing light pattern to suit individual situations.
  • Fixture is cable ready (CRM) and has a center opening to accept a 3/4” stem mount, cable (CRM), HOOK or surface mount options (with optional MBR). MBR reduces ambient range by 5°C when mounted flush to junction box.
    • Dimming: 0-10V standard. Dim to OFF.
    • Occupancy Sensors: PIR and Microwave occupancy sensors, On/ Off/Dim. Available options: Wattstopper and IR-TEC (factory installed) and EZ-ConnectTM Twist Lock System for field installation, (requires adding an EZ-Connect Receptacle, see Controls).
    • Networked Lighting Controls: UltraLink Wireless Controls with Bluetooth® NLC Mesh technology. Available as factory installed and as EZ-Connect Twist Lock System for field installation, (requires adding an EZ-ConnectTM Receptacle, see Controls).
  • Standard: 10-year product warranty covers fixture, L70 and LED driver.
  • ETL listed (UL 1598), CSA 22.2.
  • RoHS compliant.
  • DesignLights™ Consortium.
  • IP5X (with dust-proof option) ​​
  • IK08.
  • EMI: Title 47 CFR 15 Class A, ICES-005. ​​
  • LM-79, LM 80 and TM-21 tests and reports are performed in accordance to IESNA standards, per TM-21​​.

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