Eliminator High Bay (EHB)

LED High Bay

The Eliminator High Bay (EHB) is a powerful package of aluminum light bars, high efficacy LEDs, and high-quality optic options. With an efficacy of over 178 lumens per watt, maximum energy savings will be achieved. For warehouse aisles, a specific optic option has been developed for maximum punch.

The all-aluminum constructed light bars will keep the LEDs running cool for longevity. When the objective is to balance out everything that is important in a high bay from cost to performance, the Linmore Eliminator High Bay (EHB) is the clear choice.

Applications: Automotive Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Hangar Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Warehouse Lighting.

Superior Heat Dissipation

All-aluminum constructed light bars improve thermal transfer, keeping LEDs cool to increase performance and life. Rated up to 55°C (131°F).

10 Year Warranty

10-year warranty on entire fixture, including the driver.

Controls & Sensors

0-10V dimming and a broad range of occupancy and daylight sensors available as an option, including wireless controls.


Size Lumen Output Efficacy Watts Part Number
2' 12,787 171 75 LL-EHB-50K-2-75W-CL
2' 16,828 168 100 LL-EHB-50K-2-100W-CL
2' 22,113 177 125 LL-EHB-50K-2-125W-CL
2' 25,568 170 150 LL-EHB-50K-2-150W-CL
2' 28,525 163 175 LL-EHB-50K-2-175W-CL
4' 33,657 168 200 LL-EHB-50K-4-200W-CL
4' 42,350 169 250 LL-EHB-50K-4-250W-CL
4' 51,137 170 300 LL-EHB-50K-4-300W-CL
4' 71,200 178 400 LL-EHB-50K-4-400W-CL

Technical Specs

  • All-Aluminum Construction: The all-aluminum constructed light bars will keep the LEDs running cool for longevity. Every LED strip is secured to an aluminum extrusion to aid in thermal transfer.
  • LED Boards: LEDs are populated onto an aluminum core board creating a steady flow of heat into the aluminum bar.
  • Assembled in the USA offered as an option.
  • 120-277V or 200-480V (50/60Hz), typical, depending on model.
  • Power Factor: Greater than 0.9 (0.99 typical).
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 10%.
  • Standard is 3kV for LED drivers. Additional surge protection of 10kA and 20kA available as options.
  • Battery Backup: Emergency Backup Driver with Battery (LL-BBU-25W-001) provides 25 watts output for >90 minutes, mounted to top of driver cover.
  • Environment: Dry/Damp, for interior applications.
  • Ambient Range Operation: -40°C up to 55°C (-40°F up to 130°F).
  • CCT: 3500K, 4100K and 5000K standard, other CCT available (extended lead time).
  • CRI: >70 standard, other CRI available (extended lead time).
  • Lenses: Clear, Frosted and Aisle.
  • Cable suspension, pendant mount and Winsta female connection.
  • Dimming: 0-10V standard. Dim to OFF.
  • Sensors: Compatible with WattStopper, IR-TEC and McWong sensors, and Enocean switches.
  • Networked Control Options: Compatible with Avi-on networked controls and UltraLink SIG Bluetooth® with Mesh Networked controls.
  • Standard: 10-year warranty on all parts, including the LED driver.
  • ETL listed (UL 1598), CSA 22.2.
  • RoHS compliant.
  • cULus.
  • EMI: Title 47 CFR 15 Class A, ICES-005. ​​
  • LM-79, LM 80 and TM-21 tests and reports are performed in accordance to IESNA standards, per TM-21​​.

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