In collaboration with True North LED, in this before-after video, we show the huge improvement in light levels and energy savings the Sangera Automotive Group in Bakersfield achieved by upgrading their old fluorescent T5 fixtures with our Site Lighter Area Light Fixtures (SL1) and UltraLink Wireless Controls.

Annual Savings
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Energy Reduction
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CO2 Emissions Avoided per Year
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“This was my first exterior lighting project using UltraLink Bluetooth controls and the results far exceeded my expectations. Commissioning the project was a breeze thanks to good upfront planning and working along with the Linmore LED team. The light levels were awesome as I have come to expect from the Site Lighter, however, the level of control and the ability to create different zones was what sold the customer. We were able to significantly brighten their lot, save a ton of energy and resolve all of the issues they were experiencing with their antiquated lighting. Win, win, win!!”
Tom Fernett
Tom Fernett
True North LED