Rex Lumber Manufacturing Plant

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SEMCO’s detailed energy assessment listed every lighting fixture in our plant along with a recommended replacement for each fixture. It was eye opening what the operational savings would be. Now we are saving money every month and have a brighter, safer work environment.”

Doug Boykin, Plant Manager



SEMCO helps businesses save energy and reduce electricity costs. SEMCO provides turnkey solutions, renewable energy systems, and utility bill consultations.

Whether it’s one facility, a region, or the entire country, SEMCO helps customers roll out upgrades that take advantage of the latest technologies. SEMCO designs custom solutions that minimize risk and are optimized for each facility and its uses.

SEMCO makes energy solutions feasible by taking advantage of potential financial incentives. On average, the incentives cover 20% – 40% of the solution’s costs.


Like many industrial facilities, Rex Lumber Brookhaven knew they needed better lighting, so they began the long process of converting to LED as their existing fixtures burnt out over time.

But as our team pointed out, the issues with this approach would be delayed energy and maintenance savings, an inability to utilize key grant and tax incentives, and a lack of expert design to optimize the quantity and quality of fixtures in the many unique spaces within the plant.

The goals of this project were to achieve a brighter, higher quality light throughout the plant that would create a safer working environment for the mill’s employees, reduce energy costs, and secure all available financial incentives to help cover the initial investment.

Flex Essentials Series 4.0

LED High Bays


During the detailed lighting audit, SEMCO identified areas in both the interior and exterior of the plant that needed an increase in foot candles. With this in mind, a unique design was developed for each area of the plant that took into account the specific tasks and functions of each space.



By doing this, SEMCO’s design team was able to utilize an array of fixture lumen, wattage and optic packages to optimize foot candle levels in the facility with the least amount of energy and lowest quantity of fixtures possible. Likewise, since SEMCO is manufacturer agnostic, we were able to utilize the best fixtures and manufactures for each application within the plant.

Once the final design was set, the project development team researched, applied for and secured all applicable incentives for the project, which helped fund approximately 43% of the projects initial cost.