Executive Aviation Hangar

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I am pleased with the partnership between us, Eco-Green-Energy and Flex Lighting Solutions. The new LED high bay fixtures look great, provides significant savings and more efficient hangar lighting.”

Facilities Supervisor, Executive Aviation Company



The executive aviation customer is a leader in the world of business aviation, from aircraft management and maintenance to private jet charter. Eco-Green-Energy, a Flex Lighting Solutions partner, conducted a free analysis of the lighting system of two of the customer’s airport hangars located in a Southeastern Michigan County Airport and discovered there was an opportunity to improve the current lighting levels while reducing energy and maintenance costs.


After providing award-winning services for the past 50-years, the executive aviation customer had a requirement for a quality lighting fixture by a company that stands behind their product.

The challenge was to find the best product for the application to achieve the recommended light levels, with a special request. In this particular hangar, the lights hung down below the water suppression unit located above the airplanes. Due to a past situation when the fire sprinklers were accidentally activated, the customer had to replace their entire lighting system after it had been damaged. Not to experience that costly situation again, they requested the replacement lights to be wet location rated.

The last challenges to overcome were to seek final approval from the executive team – CFO and Head of Maintenance – coupled with working the lighting upgrade into the budget.

Essentials Series 4.0

Flex Essentials Series 4.0

LED High Bays


Eco-Green Energy knew Flex Lighting Solutions was the perfect partner for the job. They toured the customer’s key decision makers to other facilities to showcase and see other Essential Series 4.0 LED high bay applications which helped the customer to move forward with the lighting upgrade. The project consisted of a one for one replacement of 88 fixtures, changing out 6 Lamp T-5 fluorescent fixtures with the Essentials Series 4.0 LED high bay fixtures with wet location rated option to meet the customer’s special request.

We have found the Flex Lighting Solutions products to be high quality and a company that is respected in the industry and easy to work with.”

Sheldon Wardwell, Principle and President – Corporate Strategy and Marketing at Eco-Green-Energy


“Eco-Green-Energy provided added value to us by advising us to wait for the new fixtures from Flex that are wet location rated, ensuring us that if the fire suppression system were to be triggered, the water would not damage the new lighting fixtures,” shared the Facilities Supervisor of the Executive Aviation Company. The hangar lighting was improved with an increase of lighting levels from 25 to 32 foot-candles. With increased light and even light distribution, this provided an overall enhanced atmosphere in the customer’s hangars.

With the customer, operating 6 days a week, 18-hours a day, achieved 69% energy savings after the lighting upgrade, obtaining annual cost savings of $15,495. Additional savings are also expected from reduced labor and maintenance costs, not having to service 528 fluorescent tubes on a frequent basis and replace ballasts.