Delaco Manufacturing Facility

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I looked at the warranty of the lights, luminosity of the lights and how many hours it burned. By far, Flex Lighting Solutions beat the other competitors on all those factors.”

Jason Crout, Operation Manager of Delaco



Delaco Integrated Terminals (Delaco), a Diez Group Company, is a growing logistics center and one of the largest suppliers of aluminum and steel components for the Ford F-150 trucks in the Detroit-area. With over 40 years in business, they have acquired many awards including Supplier of the Year and recognized by the Ford Motor Company for becoming the first minority steel service center. Their Woodhaven facility serves as an aluminum and steel logistics center that operates 24/7 every day of the year.

Experiencing rapid growth, this manufacturing plant expanded their operations team from 16 employees to over 100 in the past three years, which lead to the 85,000 square-foot expansion of their plant. Adding on to this new facility presented the perfect opportunity to improve their lighting.



Manufacturing and logistics facilities that operate 24/7 usually experience high energy costs from operating with three shifts a day. The decision makers at Delaco were not originally going to consider a LED lighting solution as they began an expansion of their building and operations. After receiving multiple bids that presented LED lighting as a solution, they decided to consider that as an alternative to their current lighting system.

Additionally, at Delaco, like most manufacturing and logistics facilities, the building structures themselves, generally with high ceilings, were an obstacle to provide a well-lit working environment. Low-light levels created concerns for safety, worker productivity and affect the accuracy of quality control inspections. These were all issues the operation manager hoped to address when selecting the lighting solution for the plant’s new addition.

Essentials Series 4.0

Flex Essentials Series 4.0

LED High Bays


When Future Energy Group, a full-service energy solutions provider, reached out to Delaco, they were considering using the same florescent lighting that was installed in the existing footprint of their facility. After analyzing Delaco’s facility and lighting needs, Future Energy Group selected Flex Lighting Solutions as the superior products for Delaco’s application.

Considering the varied ceiling height and use of space in the new addition, Future Energy Group selected both 259W and 224W Flex LED high bays. “We selected the product based on the application while understanding their facility’s needs – what is the space going to be used for and how to best accommodate the space with the lighting solution – then choose the right lighting for the long-term,” stated Michael Abraham Jr., Co-Founder and President of Future Energy Group. “With those factors in mind, Flex LED high bays were without a doubt the right products for this client.”


Upgrading their lighting with long-term cost and energy savings in mind, Delaco also experienced an enhanced work environment for their employees, with better light quality in turn created a safer workplace. Employees shared feedback with Crout that in the new addition there was a noticeable difference and because of the brighter light, they were able to do their jobs with better accuracy.

Anticipating the new and improved lighting quality, it motivated Delaco to reconfigure the layout of designated areas at their facility. “We moved all palletized freight into the new area of the warehouse so we could inspect for fork damage better. The Flex LED’s produce a nice white light that you can see clearer.” Crout explained. “It helps our team see better on the ground.” Additionally, Crout shared that the new Flex LED high bays helped with training the employees on the new machinery.

“I’m happy I went with the Flex LED’s and I love them,” Crout adds. “They are very efficient.

When my employees can see what they are doing better, it increases their performance and I have less accidents.”

Jason Crout, Operation Manager of Delaco