Wireless Controls with Mesh Network

SimplySnap Smart Lighting provides the networking backbone of your industrial internet of things.

SimplySnap unites Things with Clouds by turning lights into an IIoT network. Lights provide a bird’s eye view covering all work areas forming a grid creating a robust network topology. All a sensor has to do is find a light and SimplySnap connects to the internet using an on-site controller. This architecture enables us to sense, analyze and control a broad variety of use cases to save energy, cut expenses, increase productivity and reduce risks.
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Why Synapse Lighting Controls?


Take control over individual lights.​


Group lights into zones simply by dragging a mouse.


Assign behaviors and set schedules to zones.

User Interface

Local – SimplySNAP Lighting

  • Access SimplySNAP through local wired or wireless connection.
  • Functions with or without active internet connection.
  • Built-in browser based interface included with Site Controller Gateways.


Local – SimplySNAP Remote Access (SSRA)

  • Browser based interface to secure online portal for remote management.
  • Select, Configure, and Control multiple sites.
  • Access and view multiple lighting system with a single sign-on.


SimplySNAP Illuminate

  • Centralized browser interface.
  • Manage thousands of lights, sensors, and other IoT devices.
  • Aggregate multiple gateways into a single management interface.
  • Add additional features with cloud app.

Key Benefits

Task Tuning

Adjust lighting levels to match the task being performed in any area.

Trim Brightness

Smart lights can be dimmed to 80%, a reduction undetectable to the human eye.

Sense Motion

Automatically turn off, dim or activate lights based on occupancy levels.

Daylight Harvesting

Save energy by automatically sensing and adjusting for natural light.

Demand Response

Automatically reduce lighting during peak demand periods on the grid.

Open Integration

Integrates with your Building Automation System.

Facility / Operational Benefits

  • Automatic over-the-air upgrades – Futureproof your investment, keeping it updated with the latest features.
  • No special server required – Forget expensive, complex hardware.
  • Streamline commissioning – With project management services and built-in tools within the software, have the customer’s lighting network up and running quickly.
Synapse User Interface Screens

System Hardware

Wireless Light Controllers

  • Embedded: Dim10-087-06, DIM10-087-06-A, DIM10-087-FW
  • Twist-Lock: TL7-B2
  • Bolt-on: DIM10-250-11
  • Site Control Gateways: SS450-002 (for indoor only)
  • Site Controller Gateway: CBSSW-450-002 (Central Base Station for indoor and outdoor)
  • BMS Gateway: BMS-GW-002

How the System Works

The Synapse wireless light controllers connect to the LED drivers of the light fixtures and may be integrated/embedded inside the fixture or connected externally depending on the application and fixture design. Once they are powered, the wireless controllers automatically discover and connect with other nearby Synapse controllers and other Synapse-enabled devices to form a mesh network.

The SNAP wireless mesh network uses a proprietary protocol and operates on the standard IEEE 802.15. 4 physical radio specification in the 2.4 GHz frequency band. A Site Controller manages the wireless lighting control system and stores system information. Larger systems with multiple Site Controllers can centrally manage the entire system through one user interface using the SimplySnap cloud based solution.

For customers with needs outside of lighting control, we offer additional capabilities through industrial sensors and other cloud applications. Together these solutions help companies better understand their Power, Air, HVAC, and other systems to reduce waste and optimize operations.

Synapse How the System Works