Vapor Tight Strip Fixture (VTS)

Linmore LED Labs Vapor Tight Strip Fixtures (VTS) are a powerful connection of an IP67 Rated Enclosure and Linmore LED’s powerful URS Light Bars delivering 145 lumens/watt. The patented URS Light Bar is comprised of the highest efficacy LEDs mechanically bonded to an extruded aluminum light bar with a 94% transmissive diffuser providing glare reduction and even distribution. The amount of light and the consistent distribution of light per watt of energy consumed is unmatched by any other vapor tight fixture. When the objective is to utilize a Vapor Tight fixture with the least amount of energy, the least amount of maintenance, best warranty, and designed for decades of effective life, the Linmore Vapor Tight Strip is the clear choice. 

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  • >145 Lumens per Watt
  • Only High Quality LEDs used to ensure maximum light output and longevity
  • Lowest Watts per Foot Candles Available


  • URS™ Light Bars (patented)
  • IP 67 rated Enclosure
  • Clear Acrylic Lens, Impact Resistant
  • URS Light Bar- Extruded Aluminum
  • LED Driver Enclosure
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • No Glass
  • Thermal Dissipation

  • The URS heat sink extrusion is made of 6063 T5 Aluminum with substantial fins & surface area for superior heat dissipation
  • Patent pending Air Flow Cavity
  • Interior PCB Board is mechanically bonded to the aluminum extrusion heat sink

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