Recessed Can Retrofit (REC)

Linmore LED Labs Recessed Can Retrofit (REC) is an extremely versatile high-powered monopoint LED retrofit for commercial recessed or can lighting: malls, airports, convention arenas, stage, auditorium, and much more. 20, 45, & 90W units mount to 0.80 aluminum adapter plates that have been custom cut to fit your fixture. Reflectors are available in Wide (W), Medium (M), Narrow (N), and Very Narrow (VN), for low to high heights.

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  • Available Color temps (K): 2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, and 5000
  • Warranty: 10 years on LEDs, 5 years on drivers
  • CRI: 2700 thru 4000: 83+ 5000: 92+
  • Lifetime (L70): >250,000
  • LED Source: Bridgelux Vero Series
  • Power Supply: Inventronics 0-10V, 120-277VAC (480V optional), 50/60Hz dimming driver with a -35 C (-30 F) to 70 C (158 F) ambient operating temperature range. 5 year warranty Compliance: ETL, UL 1598, 1598B, 1598C

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