Linear LED Light Bars Overview

linmore LED lighting urs

Universal Retrofit System (URS) Light Bar

Designed for lower applications needing a flood light distribution like troffers, strips, wraps, and low bays. URS Light Bars can retrofit almost any fixture with fluorescent tubes. Visit Universal Retrofit System (URS) →

linmore LED lighting parabar

ParaBar Light Bars

Designed for High Bay applications. A ParaBar utilizes the base structure of a URS Light Bar and then we extend parabolic sides with 98% reflective inserts to deliver maximum footcandles from higher applications. Visit LED High Bays →


Linmore LED Labs begins by working with leading diode manufactures that create superior lumens/watt offerings. Our products are amongst the highest efficacy available in the industry.


Less energy cost is needed to achieve desired light level.


The key to LED longevity is heat dissipation. We are known for our use of aluminum components and extrusions to discharge a maximum amount of heat. LED efficacy is also higher (more foot candles) when diode operating heat is reduced.


Less maintenance costs, better efficiency, longer lumen maintenance, and improved system longevity.


Light needs to go where it can be used. Our diffuser options reduce glare and direct light in a pattern that suits the application’s height, width, obstructions, and requirements.


Less wasted light, therefore, less energy cost is needed to achieve desired light level.