American made.
American Made Linmore LED
Universal Retrofit System Light Bar

Universal Retrofit System (URS) Light Bar

Designed for lower applications needing a flood light distribution like troffers, strips, wraps, and low bays. URS Light Bars can retrofit almost any fixture with fluorescent tubes.
ParaBar Light Bars

ParaBar Light Bars

Designed for High Bay applications. A ParaBar utilizes the base structure of a URS Light Bar and then we extend parabolic sides with 98% reflective inserts to deliver maximum footcandles from higher applications.

Linmore Linear LED Light Bars

We use our patent-pending Light Bars as the light engines for our retrofit systems and fixtures.

The 3 Pillars of Effective Lighting:
Our Light Bars are unsurpassed on all 3 pillars! Undeniably, our Light Bars deliver on every promise that LED offers and facilities expect.

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Linmore LED, high efficacy, high performance lighting solutions made in America. DLC approved to minimize energy consumption and maintenance costs. Linmore LED for warehouse lighting, industrial lighting, office lighting, hospital lighting, commercial lighting and Title 24 lighting.