LED Lighting, Wireless Controls

Many facilities want the benefits that wireless controls can deliver, but the costs have been prohibitive.

With Linmore LED, going wireless is affordable and easy to integrate! No running of additional wires. Environmentally safe for historic buildings.

Adding Wireless Controls to a Linmore LED Lighting System creates more than additional energy savings, it creates a Building Automation & Information Platform.

Because Linmore LED makes its own drivers, we have proactively designed our drivers with the internal components and circuitry to add a variety of wireless controls with affordability.

For offices, manufacturing, warehousing, food processing, or parking lots, wherever you want to use Linmore LED lighting, we have wireless controls.

Linmore LED partners with all of the most used controls platforms and will install all fixtures based components at our plant.

Basic Wireless Controls

Self-powered switches, occupancy sensors, and daylight sensors deliver the type of lighting control we find most facilities want:
Enhanced Wireless Controls

In addition to Basic Wireless Controls, Enhanced Wireless Controls bring more functionality, control, and benefits from a Web-Based Browser Interface including:
Advanced Functionality

Advanced Wireless Controls offers the ultimate level of information, control, and benefits including:

Environmental Quality Control
Energy Savings
Safety and Operational Control

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