Lumens as a Subscription

Linmore Lighting Services LogoLumens as a Subscription (LaaS), provided by Linmore Lighting Services, is how companies leverage the profit generated from LED Lighting upgrades. The profit is currently trapped in legacy lighting technologies and departing company bank accounts each month by way of excess utility bills and maintenance costs.

LaaS allows companies to eliminate the obstacles to upgrading and capture the trapped profits without multi-year delays waiting for capital, prioritization with other capital needs, or devoting time on vendor selection on every facility.

Linmore Lighting Services provides a facility portfolio upgrade strategy to upgrade to leading edge Linmore LED Technology and Controls without delay. LaaS provides positive cash flow from day one by redirecting expenses already budgeted. Simply take the waste in utility bills and lighting maintenance and redirect a portion to pay for LaaS. The unused amount becomes found profit.

Why should a facility use LaaS?

    • Benefit from the latest and best LED Lighting and Controls without buying it.
    • No capital is used.
    • No budgeting is required as companies are already paying for LaaS in excess utility and maintenance expenditures.
    • One monthly payment booked as an operating expense.
    • Get all facilities done as soon as possible stopping the waste immediately.
    • Outsourcing of technology is already common place with other facility needs such as software, copiers, fork lifts, furniture, etc.
    • One vendor selection process.
    • No technology risk as the lighting and maintenance are included for the term of the Service Agreement.
    • Safety, productivity, and morale benefits of new lighting can be immediately realized.

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