LED Lighting Payment Plan

Pay for your Linmore LED purchases over 6 months with the first 90 Days Interest Free!

Your purchasing line of credit with Linmore gives you the cash flow to accelerate sales and growth.

Managing the cash flow for multiple projects at the same time requires deep pockets. This can restrict your ability to grow. Now, you can mash the gas knowing that you have up to 6 months to pay for your Linmore purchases.

And carrying rebates for customers further increases the need for cash. But by carrying rebates, you will increase your sales. Now, you can carry rebates and have the time necessary to get projects installed and receive customer payments before your Linmore purchases need to be paid.

For more information about the Pay Over 6 Program, get the flyer. →

To Apply, get the application. →

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Linmore LED, high efficacy, high performance lighting solutions made in America. DLC approved to minimize energy consumption and maintenance costs. Linmore LED for warehouse lighting, industrial lighting, office lighting, hospital lighting, commercial lighting and Title 24 lighting.