LED Lighting, Sustainability of Ownership

When a facility buys LED Lighting, they expect the LED fixtures to last longer than the lighting it replaces. Just because the new lighting is LED, this is not assured.

Prior to LED, most lighting upgrades went to high performance fluorescent lighting. With fluorescent lighting (in general):
Conclusion: Fluorescent technology is a very easy technology to own and maintain.

With the LED Revolution... Everything is Different:
How does a Facility Manager source the proper replacement parts in the future? Choose Linmore LED.
Don't be a Victim of Cheapism. Warranties are provided by manufacturers, not contractors. Ask your lighting vendor:
If you can't get solid answer to these questions, why set yourself up for failure and insure you'll be buying lighting again very prematurely, wasting more of your company's assets. Do it right, do it once.

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