1. The Site Lighter Wall Pack
    The Highest Performing
    Wall Pack in the World.
  2. The Site Lighter
    Site Lighter. The Industry's
    Highest Lumens Per Watt.
  3. Eliminator High Bay
    New Product Alert:
    Eliminator High Bay. 175 Lumens/Watt.
  4. Ultra Performance LED Lighting
    American Made. Ultra Performance Lighting.
  5. LED Lighting
    Linmore LED: The Highest
    Performing LED Product
    Line In The World.
  6. Work Place LED Lighting
    Office Lighting That Transforms The Work Place.
  7. Commercial LED Lighting
    We Own The Classroom.
  8. Industrial LED Lighting
    Industrial Lighting For Employee
    And Economic Performance.
American made.
American Made Linmore LED

Linmore LED Lighting News

September 2017
Linmore LED Labs becomes the first company in the world to offer LiFi (Light Fidelity) from a linear light source, its Light Bars, intended to replace the most utilized light source in the world... fluorescent tubes.
May 2017
Linmore LED Labs introduces the Rapid Link Bar System of Light Bars, Cords/Connectors, and Mounting Methods.
November 2016
Linmore LED Labs chosen by a global HVAC equipment manufacturer to retrofit its plant in Tennessee. Linmore customized our HPH High Bay to seamlessly adapt to existing lighting controls and electrical system.
October 2016
Linmore LED Labs chosen by Great Oaks Career Campuses in Ohio to retrofit over 4,000 classroom lights. The closest competitor used 50% more energy to match the light levels delivered by Linmore.
July 2016
Linmore LED Labs moves to a 50,000 square foot facility to expand production capacity and stays in Fresno, CA.
January 2016
Linmore LED Labs Troffer Door Retrofit ranks #2 in Efficacy for door kits that are DLC listed.
November 2015
Linmore LED Labs Ultra Performance High Bay ranks #4 in Efficacy out of 15,000 high bays that are DLC listed.
October 2015
Linmore LED Labs launches its High Bay Retrofit System (HBR) designed to upgrade fluorescent high bays to LED using Linmore LED's patent pending ParaBar Technology. The HBR creates an affordable path to LED for the millions of fluorescent high bays already installed.
July 2015
Linmore LED Labs chosen for the campus LED retrofit for Rio Hondo Junior College in Los Angeles.
April 2015
Linmore LED Labs Universal Retrofit System chosen by Rio Hondo Junior College (Los Angeles, CA) as the technology for a large, campus-wide lighting upgrade.
February 2015
Linmore LED Labs Ultra Performance Tube becomes the highest efficacy tube & external driver system, 148 Lumens/Watt, ever listed by Design Lights Consortium, DLC.
February 2015
Linmore LED Labs Ballast Compatible Tube becomes the highest efficacy electronic ballast compatible tube, 121 Lumens/Watt, ever listed by Design Lights Consortium, DLC.

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Linmore LED, high efficacy, high performance lighting solutions made in America. DLC approved to minimize energy consumption and maintenance costs. Linmore LED for warehouse lighting, industrial lighting, office lighting, hospital lighting, commercial lighting and Title 24 lighting.