How to Buy LED Lighting and Achieve Unsurpassed Project Economics

LED lighting purchasing facts:
95% of the cost of lighting is energy (85%) and maintenance (10%). That means that 5% of the cost is acquisition. Why does acquisition cost get 95% of the attention? Acquisition is a quantifiable moment in a capital budget cycle needing management approvals which require a lot of attention. Energy and maintenance are operating budget items considered “part of doing business” which require less attention.

For the above reasons the lowest financial impact to an organization is realized by choosing LED lighting that uses the least amount of annual energy to achieve the desired level of light for each application.

When choosing LED lighting, be sure to follow these three “buyer awareness” tips:
  • 10 Years of energy projections should be evaluated.
  • Choose lighting whose design, quality, and warranty will yield the lowest maintenance costs.
  • Evaluate acquisition cost relative to 10 years of annual energy costs, and projected maintenance costs, for each considered proposal.