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The Highest Performing LED Product Line in the World

EFFICACY: Linmore LED Labs begins by working with leading diode manufactures that create superior lumens/watt offerings. Our products are amongst the highest efficacy available in the industry. BENEFITS: Less energy cost is needed to achieve desired light level. Thermal Dissipation: The key to LED longevity is heat dissipation. We are known for our use of aluminum components and extrusions to discharge a maximum amount of heat. LED efficacy is also higher (more foot candles) when diode operating heat is reduced. BENEFITS: Less maintenance costs, better efficiency, longer lumen maintenance, and improved system longevity. Optics: Light needs to go where it can be used. Our diffuser options reduce glare and direct light in a pattern that suits the application’s height, width, obstructions, and requirements. BENEFITS: Less wasted light, therefore, less energy cost is needed to achieve desired light level. Ultra Value: The culmination of the Linmore LED Labs ultra-value proposition is:
  • Maximum Foot Candles per Watt of Energy: The ultimate lighting ratio!
  • Minimum Watts per Square Foot
  • Maximum Longevity
  • Maximum Warranty
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