High Performance Low Bay (HPL)

Linmore LED Labs High Performance Low Bay (HPL) is a formidable combination of performance and value. The HPL’s light engines are Linmore’s patented URS Light Bar System combined with an external, dimmable driver. The light distribution is very wide at 180 degrees and well-suited for low bay applications. Each URS Light Bar has an integral volumetric diffuser to provide a  glare-free experience. When the objective is to maximize value in your purchasing dollar with high light levels per Watt and Dollar of Capital in low bay settings, the Linmore HPL is the clear choice.

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  • >152 Lumens/Watt Delivered


  • URS™ Light Bars (patented)
  • Clear, Polycarbonate End Caps
  • LED Driver Enclosure: Aluminum
  • No Glass
  • No Mercury
  • No UV Light

Thermal Dissipation

  • Air Cavity Heat Transfer System (patented)
  • Extruded Aluminum ParaBars™

Ease of Ownership

  • Wide Open Access to Components
  • Warranty: 14 Years Light Bar / 10 Years Driver
  • Adaptive: Add or Remove ParaBars™ as area needs change over time

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