Balanced Lighting Design Approach

Balanced Lighting Design
Balanced Lighting
There are many performance metrics that buyers evaluate to choose LED lighting solutions:


Maintenance Costs



Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Thermal Dissipation

Ease of Installation

Distribution of Light

Acquisition Cost



Manufacturer Support

Linmore LED makes Ultra Performance Lighting. Our approach is to make exceptional products that are considerate of everything buyers are looking for in LED. Getting too focused on any one metric will have tradeoffs in other aspects of importance and lifecycle costs.

The Biggest Hot Button: Efficacy. Efficacy (lumens/watt of output at the light source) is a pillar of effective lighting. Linmore LED has very high efficacy with most of our products exceeding 140 lumens/watt delivered per DLC testing standards. We start with 200+ lumens/watt diodes at the source. Then, after adding optics and going through applicable DLC testing procedures, we end up with 140-150 lumens/watt delivered. This level is very high, but could be higher along with disproportionate tradeoffs. Cost would disproportionately increase. Optics would be need to be removed. Yes, the way lighting is tested, optics actually cause delivered efficacy to report a lower result.

The Most Omitted: Optics. LED is a directional light source. Optics direct and distribute light in a way suitable to each application. Without optics, light is just sprayed and 30-40% of the lumens and wattage are wasted, and not turned into usable footcandles of light. The objective of effective lighting is to deliver footcandles (not lumens) where needed and optics is what makes that possible. Facilities go to LED to save energy. Why choose an option without optics and with 30-40% inherent waste?

The Biggest Tradeoff: Cost. Every industry has players that cater to lowest cost. Certainly, low cost will come at the detriment of everything else that is important in LED lighting. You just can’t be cheap and also have quality in key aspects. With the LED promise of a multi-decade effective life, cheap lights will fall short of the promise.