Fixture Integrated Controls

Controls Partner – Wattstopper

  • Dimming
  • On Off
  • Occupancy/Motion
  • Daylight

User Interface: 3 Options
  • Bluetooth Sensor Configuration App
  • Wireless Handheld Configuration Tool
  • Onboard Sensor Dip Switches
Facility/Operational Benefits:
  • Proven, reliable history of operation
System Hardware
  • Occupancy Sensors: PIR, Ultrasonic, Photocell
  • Power Packs
  • Configuration Tools
  • Wet Rated Sensors
Fixture Integrated Controls
Fixture Sensors

The Wattstopper product line offers the most comprehensive line of simple, scalable and flexible energy efficient lighting controls and solutions for commercial applications. These products, programs, and services have been helping customers save energy, meet green initiatives and comply with energy codes for more than 30 years.

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