Wireless Controls, Without Batteries

Self-powered sensors and switches, combined with LED fixture controllers and a commissioning tool, permit easy configuration, intelligent local control, and seamless integration into building automation systems.

The Easyfit line is perfect for retrofits as you can do the entire installation without disrupting above the ceiling plane. And wireless sensors and switches allow you to drop the peripherals into the most ideal locations.

Wireless commissioning makes the entire system easy to setup and configure from a laptop, no need to figure out dip switches or channels. Setup software was built from the perspective of the installer.

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  • Completely Wireless devices.
  • Wireless set up and parameter adjustment.
  • Occupancy timers with nearly infinite setting possibilities.
  • Daylighting.
  • Demand Response capable.
  • Can be cloud connected.
  • Can be connected to BACnet or other automation systems.
  • Connect to a fixture mounted wired sensor and make it wireless.
  • Dim to off or relay controls.
  • 902 MHz to avoid interference with other wireless equipment.
  • Cost effective.

User Interface

Navigan 3.0
Drag and drop simple commissioning software other wireless equipment.

Facility / Operational Benefits

  • Simple installation, can be factory installed.
  • No Batteries used in the switches or vacancy sensors.
  • All controls include dimming or on/off.
  • Very fast setup on site or in the factory.
  • Drag and drop simple commissioning software.

System Hardware

  • LEDxU: controls nearly every 0-10V fixture.
  • EOSxU: self powered vacancy sensor, no batteries required. (wall and/or ceiling).
  • ExRPU: Self-powered wireless wall dimmer/switches. No batteries or wires required.
  • ELLSU: a light level sensor which uses the sunlight as its power source.

Why Enocean?

EnOcean is the world leader in energy harvesting devices and has applied that technology around the world.

Founded in 2001, we have the experience and history to offer a trusted solution. With over 10 million devices in over 1 million buildings EnOcean likely has a system which can help solve everything from your most simple to the most complicated control scenarios.