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  • Gateway-free, Distributed Control: Gain optimal energy savings without a complicated gateway: no single point of failure, no extra cost/hassle, and no special network or panel installation.
  • Flexible Control Strategies: Mix scheduled and sensor-based controls with no gateway required.
  • Hassle-free Mobile App Programming: Intuitive tools enable rapid setup and changes to any combination of sensors, zones, schedules, and scenes.
  • IT-friendly Policy: Run stand-alone or use a cell modem to avoid corporate network integration.
  • Control the Whole Property: Combine indoor and outdoor lighting control in one easy to use solution.
  • Color-capable Controls: Use battery-powered wall stations or the mobile app to wirelessly control CCT and Lumenetix-enabled (HSL) luminaires, including circadian transitions and unique color picking.
  • Optional Cloud Connectivity: Manage user access control, device configurations, remote diagnostics, and future reporting/upgrades with a robust, utility-grade platform and web application.

Avi-on makes controls that are easy to install, use and change. We take simplicity seriously without limiting the ability to customize for any configuration or lighting need.
System Hardware:
  • Fixture Adapters
  • Relay Adapters
  • Internal Fixture Adapter
  • External Power Pack
  • Plug Load Controller
  • Power Supply (12VDC)
  • Power Supply (12VDC with relay)
  • Power Supply (class 2)
  • PIR Sensors

  • Microwave Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Dual-tech Sensors
  • Wall Stations
  • Sensor Wall Stations
  • Movable Switch
  • SIM (sensor input module)
  • Time Keeper
  • Wi-Fi Bridge (remote access bridge)
  • Energy Monitoring
Facility/Operational Benefits:
  • Most networked lighting controls are too complicated to manage and configure. Building owners/operators want solutions that optimize ROI, can be self-managed, do not require IT support, and grow with business needs. Most of all, people want a solution that just works.
  • Manufacturing facility lighting systems require safety, energy savings, compliance with building codes and minimal maintenance. Upgrading to Avi-on light controls ensure critical illumination in manufacturing and inspection areas where light quality and control are essential to ensure minimal shade and precise color in the work environment. Not only do Avi-on controls provide the highest of quality, but the simplicity of the Bluetooth™ system significantly reduces installation and commissioning effort and requires no special training. Intuitive tools allow for rapid configuration and updates making maintenance simple without limiting features.
How the System Works:
Avi-on believes that lighting controls should be simple. With decades of experience at the forefront of industrial networking and IOT technology, we built a unique, patented Mesh platform based on Bluetooth® technology. We liberated the fixture from the circuit, and the switches from the walls. Then we added mobile and web-based management tools that liberated the customer from the tyranny of programming and maintenance. At Avi-on, simple means easy.

Why Avion? Easy to Use, Easy to Change, Easy to Maintain
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