Battery Back Up Drivers
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Battery Back Up Drivers

Linmore LED Labs LED Lamp Emergency Backup is a UL Recognized LED Lamp Emergency Backup that allows the same LED fixture to be used for both normal and emergency operation. In the event of a power failure, the LED Lamp Emergency backup switches to the emergency mode and operates the existing fixture for 90 minutes. The unit contains a battery, charger, and converter circuit in a single can and is available in different mounting configurations for individual fixture requirements. Have questions? Call us today at (559) 485-6010 or fill out the form below.



Input Voltage: 100-277VAC, 50/60Hz

Input Current: 35mA max

Input Power: 4 Watts

Output Voltage: 12V-48VDC » 18V-48VDC

Max. Connected Load: 0.67 A » 1 A

Output Power: 8 Watts » 25 Watts

Emergency Operation: >90 minutes

Battery: High Temp Nickel-Cadmium 24 Hour Recharge 7-10 Year Life Expectancy

Ambient Temperature: Up to 122 F

Warranty: 5 Years

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