Ace LED Troffer Retrofit Kit (TRK)

The Ace LED Troffer Retrofit Kit (TRK) from Linmore LED Labs is a high value kit to modernize an existing troffer. The TRK quickly assembles inside of an existing troffer without tools in just minutes. The TRK takes a traditional troffer and transforms it to the new look of modern troffer lighting with a center lens that is evenly illuminated. This DLC Premium Troffer Retrofit Kit is everything you need, and nothing that you don’t. When the objective is to modernize troffer lighting and meet your budget, let our TRK be the Ace up your sleeve.

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  • Efficacy up to >130 Lumens/Watt Delivered
  • 0-10 Volt Dimming Driver
  • Integral Volumetric Lens
  • Aluminum Heat Sink/Extrusion
  • 180 Degree Light Distribution
  • 10 Year Warranty Complete System
  • High Reflectance Coating
  • Easy Installation
  • Modernized Aesthetic
  • Suitable for Recessed Mounting within T-Bar Grid.

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