Ace LED Strip Fixture (ST1)

The Ace LED Strip Fixture (ST1) from Linmore LED Labs is a feature rich, high value option for your strip lighting needs from task lighting to stairwells. A unique feature to strip lighting, the ST1 has latches to easily open the fixture while other strips in the market have to be disassembled with tools. The easy opening latches make for an expedited installation and make the ST1 easy to maintain in future years. The driver comes from Linmore LED, a proven manufacturer of power supplies. This DLC Premium Linear Ambient Fixture is everything you need, and nothing that you don’t. When the objective is to find a quality strip fixture that meets your budget, let our ST1 be the Ace up your sleeve.

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  • Efficacy up to >130 Lumens/Watt Delivered
  • Linkable (up to 4 fixtures)
  • 1-10V Dimming Driver
  • Frosted Lens
  • 180 Degree Light Distribution
  • 5 Year Warranty Complete System
  • Removable Cover for Easy Installation

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